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Is Ordering Stuff From Here Safe/ A Good Idea?

A GOOD IDEA?!?!?!? It's possibly the best decision you can make! And yes, we make sure we get to every order within a few days of receiving it, if you ever have any problems just email me (Johnny) at


Because we are of a different breed, we eat lightning and shit rainbows, we make things that please the eye, soul, and cure indigestion (not proven in anyway shape or form)

Are They Two Different Bracelets Where One Says "Socially" And The Other Says "Awkward"?

No, that'd be stupid, then we'd have to say that in the description. But if you wanna order two, just to make sure, be my guest.

Hi I'm In A Band/Am A Dancer/Want A Sponsorship Of Some Sort, How Can I Get That?

Email me at We aren't taking any more sponsorships right now unless your some god-sent musician with the capabilities to make my laugh, cry, and grow a handlebar mustache at the same time....... or want to give us a hefty sum of cash, or other useful items.

If f(x)=g(x) And f(x)=2x+4 And g(x)=4x What Is The Value Of "x"?

Well, you would set the equations equal to each other giving you 4x=2x+4 next you would subtract 2x from both sides giving you 2x=4. Now just divide by 4 t get your answer, x=.5

When Are Your Shirts Not Going To Be Out Of Stock?

GOOD QUESTION STRANGER!! Well, I can't really answer that, you can follow any of us on twitter @raphofina, @soawkneil, @soawkjohnny. Or go to our Facebook page Here is where you will find updates on products and shit like that, you also can always shoot me an email.