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Socially Awkward. It all started with a vision less than a year ago.

A group of friends decided to do something a little bit different than that of your average 17-18 year old. They had a vision of starting a clothing company. This group of friends have been around the music scene for years. They have watched it grow and change into a new environment. And, for some reason, the clothing that they wore changed also. It all looked the same. In some cases, it WAS the same. The guys in Socially Awkward wanted something to stand out, be different, they decided “That simply won't fly...”.

With inspiration from clothing companies such as Johnny Cupcakes, Glamour Kills, The Hundreds, Crooks and Castles, LRG, Obey, and their own brains, Socially Awkward decides to make some fresh designs with a healthy mix of clever word play, hand drawn elements, and photographs. Hours are spent finalizing designs to make sure they follow our own definition of “legit”. We are proud of our work and we would like to share it with you. Yes...YOU!

We are Socially Awkward Clothing, we don't want to fit in.